Pete First Out Rescue 06/02/2017   “We could not be more pleased with the service we have received from Lee. He routinely goes above and beyond and while you know that you’re not his only customer, he will certainly treat you like you are.”                                                         

John Migz Photography 05/30/2017   “CTI built us a custom event computer system. This is now our third one. From start to finish Lee was very patient and listed to our needs, ideas, specs, etc. He took the time needed to get this right. The first two built by someone else lets just say not so much. The latest system is amazing. Does everything we need and more except order lunch. I am sure if we wanted that Lee would figure that out to. We are a CTI client for life.”

Dean 05/26/2017   “CTI has been there for my wife and I time and time again. Having two growing home offices leads to many new headaches.  Lee has been there for us day and night.  CTI provides great service. I would highly recommend them. The personal attention is excellent.”

Tom Suchocki  05/25/2017   “Great company and they know what they’re doing! I have been using them for over 10 years! The owner is incredibly handsome and very smart.”


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